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Temporary Visa

Temporary Visa

Unless you are from a country in which citizens are permitted to visit Japan without a temporary visa, you need to apply for a temporary visa at the Japanese embassy in your country for you to temporarily visit Japan.
Either 15 day,30 day, or 90 day temporary visa are given according to the purpose and schedule of your visit.

Extending a temporary visa is usually NOT permitted. However, if there is an unavoidable reason, such as a humanitarian matter, a visa extension is sometimes permitted.

Examples of purpose for staying with a temporary visa


  • Tourism
  • Visiting relatives or friends
  • Business meeting
  • Marketing
  • Sports
  • Study tour
  • Lecture
  • Marriage
  • Religious ceremony
  • Examination
  • Medical operation and treatment etc.

As you can see from the above examples, the purpose of a temporary visa has to be accomplished in a short period.

Also, you are not allowed to receive an income or run your own business during your stay in Japan with a temporary visa.

How to apply for a temporary visa

To apply for a temporary visa, you need to prepare many documents.

For example, when your purpose is visiting relatives or friends, necessary documents which have to be prepared in Japan are those such as below:

  • Reason letter
  • Letter of guarantor
  • Certification of guarantor's income and tax payment
  • Detailed itinerary
  • Proof of your purpose to visit
  • Proof of the relationship between visitor and the person who invites the visitor.

After the person in Japan who intends to invite the applicant prepares those documents, the documents will be sent to the applicant (visitor) in their country.

After the applicant receives those documents, he/she also needs to prepare some basic documents in their country, such as application form, photo etc., and apply at the Japanese embassy.

As the inspection can be strict depending on the country and purpose of your visit, it is important to prepare the documents properly and write a convincing reason letter.

For your effective application, we write an effective reason letter, itinerary, and help you prepare other necessary documents, and give you advice on the procedure of application.

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