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Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa

If you have a Japanese spouse and want to live in Japan with your Japanese spouse, you need to have a Spouse visa.

The period of stay of this visa varies according to your resident situation. There are 5 year, 3 year, 1 year, and 6 month visas.

The visa you will receive after the first application is normally a one year visa, but you might get a longer period of visa after renewal.

Procedure to get a Spouse visa after international marriage

The following procedure is for the case of a foreign spouse living overseas intending to get a spouse visa.

1.Registration of your international marriage in both countries:

- Register your marriage at the Japanese municipal office.
It has to be registered at the municipal office where the Japanese spouse has registered his/her permanent address.

- Register your marriage in the foreign spouse's country.

2.Application of eligibility for resident status at immigration office

- In the case of the foreign spouse living overseas:The Japanese spouse shall apply for a "certificate of eligibility"at the immigration office in Japan. This will be submitted to the Japanese embassy in the country the foreign spouse resides in to obtain a visa.

- In the case of the foreign spouse living in Japan:As the foreign spouse should already have some kind of visa, the foreign spouse shall apply for a change of status of residence to obtain a spouse visa.

[check] It is often required to prepare a lot of documents to succeed in obtaining the certificate of eligibility for a spouse visa.

If any defectiveness is found at the inspection of the immigration, it sometimes takes a long time before you get the results, or you might fail to obtain the certificate of eligibility.

Furthermore, because there is sometimes a problem with fake marriages, it is very important to collect and make documents which certify that your marriage is true.

Using our wealth of experience and knowledge, we are helping a lot of married couples to start living in Japan together as early as possible.

[check]Even if you are overstaying or illegally entered Japan, there is a procedure which gives you the possibility to remain in Japan holding a spouse visa if you get married to a Japanese national or a legal foreign resident in Japan.

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