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Special Permit

What is Special Permit in case you do not have visa?

Foreigners who is illegally staying in Japan are normally supposed to be deported by immigration. However, they are sometimes allowed to stay in Japan as exceptional cases.

Examples of the cases of Special Permit (Marriage cases)


 A foreign woman had been overstaying in Japan since her temporary visa was expired. She got a Japanese boyfriend at her workplace and got married him after she lived with him for a year.
After her marriage, she was arrested by the immigration at her work place. However, she was not deported as she was given Spouse visa after she asked immigration for the Special Permit.   


A foreign woman who had illegally entered Japan for working got married a second generation Japanese-Brazilian man who is legally staying in Japan holding permanent visa.
After that she reported immigration of her illegal situation and asked them for permit to continue living in Japan with him, and she was finally given permanent residence's spouse visa as a special permit.       

About our support

Concerning a process of special permit, any other person including visa agent is not able to go to immigration on behalf of the person who asks for special permit.

Therefore, our service for special permit is limited to preparation of the necessary documents, advice for the interview by immigration, and escorting visit of immigration.

For example, we complete the documentation, which can specify your eligibility of a resident status, and also gives you an advice for your interview at immigration so you can properly explain the reason of your illegal stay.

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