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Permanent Visa

Permanent Visa

A Permanent Visa gives you a more stable life in Japan. Why don't you think about changing your current visa to a permanent visa? It will give you advantages such as those below:

◎Advantages of a Permanent Visa

  • No need to extend your visa.
  • No limit for work.
  • When your family subsequently applies for a permanent visa, there will be less requirements to obtain the visa.
  • It is easier for you to get a loan from bank or other financial institutions as you will have more credibility.
  • You might be able to remain in Japan with special permission if you did something which would usually require you to be deported.

△However, the following things will not be changed even after getting permanent visa.

  • The resident card is necessary.
  • Notification at an immigration office in the case of change of name, date of birth, nationality and gender is required.

The Requirements to get a Permanent Visa

  • To change from a Spouse visa
    For Spouse: More than 3 years of true married life, 1 year's stay in Japan is necessary. In adittion, holding 3 years or 5 years spouse visa is necessary.
    For Child: More than 1 year's stay in Japan is necessary.

  • To change from a Long term visa
    More than 5 years stay in Japan is necessary.

  • To change from Working visa
    More than 10 years of continuous stay in Japan and 5 years of working in Japan with a working visa is necessary.

  • Other
    Any person who contributes to Japan in the areas of diplomacy, society, economy, and culture etc.. In addition, more than 5 years stay in Japan is necessary.

Comparison between Permanent Visa and Naturalization

Naturalization has similar advantages to a permanent visa, but it will give you a more stable life in Japan, such as being granted the right to vote.

However, since Japanese are allowed to have only one nationality, you will be required give up your present nationality after naturalization.

This means permanent residency gives you more advantages than naturalization in some cases.

The required period of stay in Japan for naturalization is 5 years.

Regarding difficulties in the acquisition of naturalization and/or a permanent visa, the two can not be compared directly as they are situation-dependant.

"visa" and "resident status"

Although a word "visa"is generally used when you talk about your resident status, technically speaking visa and resident status are actually different systems.

However, we describe "resident status" using the word "visa" in stead of "resident status" on this website for easier understanding for most readers.

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