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Investment Visa

Management visa

This visa contains 2 categories: one is for the person who establish and run their company in Japan, and the other is for a employed manager.

If you are considering about self-employment in Japan, our office support both establishment of your company and acquisition investment & management visa.

What kind of company should you establish?

If you are going to make big company or expand your business in the future, Kabushiki Gaisha(Joint stock company)is recommended.

Kabushiki Kaisha has higher credibility than other kind of company.Therefore, it has advantages in many ways such borrowing.

However, if you are interested in other kind of company such as Goudou Gaisha (Consolidated company)which has advantages in different way from the ones of Kabushikigaisha, we are able to gives you advice.

Requirement for investment and management visa

The following are the requirements concerning establishment of company when you try to get investment and management visa:

1. The company needs to be located in Japan.

2. "The scale of the business needs to be large enough to be managed by more than 2 Japanese full-time employees excluding its executives and managers."

Above requirment #2 means either of below:

  • The company literally employs or plan to employ more than 2 full-time employees.
  • " When you start the business, you need to have more than 5 million yen of investment money per year."

3. Applicant of the visa needs to invest more than 5 million yen.

4. The business can be proved of its stability and continuity.
This business plan is to be submitted to immigration.

Fees to establish company for visa.

Kabushiki Gaisha(Joint stock company)
Our fee 100,000yen+Necessary Expense(Certification of Articles of Incorporation(50000yen),registration tax (150000yen)etc.)

Goudou Gaisha (Consolidated company)
Our fee 60,000円+Necessary Expense(registration tax (60000yen)etc.)

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