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Extend Visa

Extend Visa''

 Visa has an expire date (except permanent visa). It is usually 1 year, 3 years or 5 years . You need to apply to extend visa if you want to stay in Japan longer than the period.

If you stay in Japan without renewing your visa, you may be deported because of the illegal stay.

■About the period of visa … 1 year, 3 years or 5 years

In most cases, you will get 1 year visa first time.
3 years or 5 years visa might be given after a couple of extension according to your resident status.

In some cases, only 1 year visa is issued even though they have ever extended visa many times.

In this case, there is a possibility that immigration is suspecting about the credibility of their application or their stability of resident status.
Thus, it might happen that their next application of extension visa is suddenly rejected in the worst case.

If you did not obtain 3 years visa, it is important that you find out the reason and improve it until next extension.

■What if your application is rejected?

If your application of visa extension is rejected, next step is to find out if reapplication is possible or not considering the reason of the rejection and the rest of the period of your visa.

If the reapplication is impossible, you might choose one of the solutions written below.

■Solutions when your visa extension is rejected.

●If you have another qualified resident status, apply to get the visa in stead of renew your present visa.
(Apply changing visa)

●Consider about Special Permit.

●Go back to your country and apply "certification of eligibility of resident status" again.
●Go to court for the objection to the decision of immigration for your application.

In the cases such as above, the nearest way to solve the problem is to consult with visa specialists.

■When can I apply?

It is possible to extend visa 3 months before the expire date.

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