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Change Visa

Change Visa

Change Visa

 It is necessary to obtain a different kind of visa when your purpose for staying in Japan or your status is changed.

Even if your visa is not yet expired, if you engage in an activity which is not permitted for your resident status, you may be deported as your stay is considered to be an illegal overstay or you are working illegally.

To prevent this situation, you need to apply for another kind of visa which permits your present activity.

Example of Reasons for Changing Your Visa

  • Just before I graduated Japanese university, I got an employment contract by Japanese company and am going to start working for them soon.
  • My student visa will expire soon but I could not find a job here in Japan before I graduated University. However, I want to keep looking for a job here.
  • I have a working visa but I want to change it to a spouse visa as I have since got married to a Japanese national.
  • I am employed now but I am going to quit my job and establish my own company.
  • I have a spouse visa but divorced recently. However, I wish to remain in Japan.

Q.When can you apply to change your visa?

A. You can apply whenever you got a situation arises which requires that you change your visa.

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