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Certification of Work Permission


"Certificate of Authorized Employment" certifies that you are able to be legally employed with your present resident status.

Some companies require their foreign employees to submit the certificate before they consider employing them. This assures companies that they can legally employ the foreigners after receiving the certificate issued by immigration.

Furthermore, the foreign employee can also confirm that they can legally work at the new company without changing their visa.

Recommended in the case of your change of job

Obtaining the "Certificate of Authorized Employment" is recommended especially in the case of the foreigners who change their job before the expiry date of the visa.

Obtaining this certificate is NOT mandatory when you change your job. However, you can make sure that there is a high possibility to succeed with your next visa extension if you are able to obtain the certificate. It means that the immigration guarantees your new job is permitted with your present resident status.

If you start working without obtaining the certificate (e.g. you are sure that your new job is covered by your work visa), there is still a possibility your next application of visa extension will fail due to a problem with the company or the content of your job contract etc.

Therefore, we recommend you to obtain the certificate to confirm that your new job is legal in your resident status and to facilitate your future visa extension.

Also, the procedure and the necessary documents for the application of your next visa extension will be easier and smoother if you obtain the certificate beforehand.

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